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Benefits Of Our Tile & Grout Cleaning in College Station

  • Professional Grout Cleaning - No Tired Back or Knees
  • Our Tile & Grout Service Saves You Time
  • Results That Last - Our Grout Cleaning Stays Cleaner Longer

Let's be honest, cleaning your tile and grout yourself can be back breaking work. If you've ever shuffled to the sink to grab a bucket, scrub brush, and your preferred tile cleaning product you know this all too well. The results are sometimes poor and your tile just doesn't stay clean as long as you'd like. We're here to help save you time and save your knees and back!

What's Different About Our Grout Cleaning Process

1) We understand there are many choices when it comes to having your tile and grout cleaned. We're on of the top rated family owned and operated tile and grout cleaning company serving College Station, Bryan, and surrounding areas.

2) We take the necessary steps to protect areas we're not working in along with belongings and appliances in the areas we are working in.

3) We employ multiple steps including scrubbing the grout lines to achieve the desired results, along with hot water and pressure to remove dirt and oils from the floor. Our cleaning solutions rinse completely from the tile flooring leaving no residue which means a longer lasting cleaner floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked questions about tile and grout cleaning & sealing.

Q: Can’t I do it myself? Why should I pay you?
A: We have the proper products that are meant to clean tile and grout. A lot of products you can buy at the store leave harmful residues. With our cleaning solutions they're aggressive on dirt yet safe for your family and pets.

Q: Why Should I Seal My Grout?
A: A great professional sealing product protects the grout lines without leaving residue or causing damage. We've extensively tested our products and carry a tile and grout sealer for different types of grout and tile materials.

Q: Should I apply wax to my tile and grout?

A: In our professional opinion, wax does not belong on ceramic tile or natural stones. Wax breaks down over time and requires a lot of professional maintenance. At times only a layer of wax needs to be removed to also remove dirt and debris that has embedded into the protective coating. However, wax needs to be completely removed from the floor periodically which can be a very expensive process. Wax is best used on vinyl composite tile or VCT and not ceramic tile or natural stones.

Q: After my tile and grout is sealed does it need to be cleaned again?
A: Regular tile and grout cleaning done by yourself greatly helps the floor stay cleaner for longer. However, just like any other flooring it needs professional attention to remove soils and residues that store bought products cannot remove. We recommend having your tile and grout cleaned every 1-2 years depending on traffic, soil types, and a host of other factors. We'll educate you on a proper cleaning frequency that suits your needs and budget.

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